C Development on iOS with iSH

05 May 2020

iSH offers a Linux environment on iOS using a usermode x86 32bits emulator. It is not Linux, but does enough syscalls translation and x86 emulation to get a Alpine Linux environment running on iOS. Given all the restrictions this app has to face on iOS where no such things like an hypervisor, JIT, fork, exec are possible, the author did an almost impossible job just to get this working.

Here are some personal notes on getting a C/C++ programming environment on iOS (using iSH)


Software decay and our fear of the legacy yet to come

04 Apr 2019

I have shared a different story about legacy on medium/@talkdesk:

We all have seen software being marked as obsolete and named legacy. A messy thing that no fellow Engineer would like to touch, a cost in time and sanity to keep up with something that we would rather throw away and start all over. But even the new, one day, sooner rather than later, will become legacy. These are bad news but also good news, in a way what you are doing now is the legacy yet to come. So you can take action now and prepare.


The most amazing thing ever..

08 Mar 2016

It’s like falling in love again and then again.. I am silent at night waiting for her gentle breath and still bemused at day how incredible she is and thankful to be part of her life.

She brings me and her mother hope and joy wrapped in pure cuteness and love.

Update 2018, better than been a father of one is to be a father of two awesome girls.


A late announcement

11 Jan 2015

A while back last year I created three little projects to help me with my web development. I postponed the announcement of the first one so I could eventually announce them together. Unfortunately I never made the time to finish them all.

So without further ado, here is: localdev.in - a little helper for your web development and virtual-hosts.

And that’s all. Have a great 2015!



29 Dec 2012

For some time now I have been working on a pure prototype programming language named Proto. I have opted to write the grammar, lexer, parser, runtime, compiler, transpiler and VM myself.

thoughts proto

Being Serious

06 Jan 2012

To one point. the amount of personal projects and the forced low priority when competing with the daily challenges at work lead me to a few things:


Steve Jobs

09 Oct 2011

From time to time there’s someone so outstanding in his field that inspires the world by creating a huge momentum of innovation and creativity.

I am thankful for Steve Jobs gift to the World. And for not holding to one field or one industry. A fighter a genius and a visionary.

Update: Celebrating Steve.


Makers, creatives and artists

07 Jul 2011

We create and shape things. It’s a need and a life style. A passionate playground, to think and shape the world.

Writing software, designing User Interfaces crafting electronic gadgets, painting and composing.

Motivation is key and creativity will weave ideas into art. We might change or not the world but we change ourselves. We change our world.

I’m not a web social kind of Person. Commit messages are most of the micro blogging I do nowadays. This is my Homage to small personal projects and the projects in between the projects.